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Helicopter Eela (2018) Hindi Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Pradeep Sarkar’s chopper Eela, stellar Kajol because the named protagonist, is Associate in Nursing undeniably intended family someone. however is that enough for it to pass muster? No. The film will seem to possess a transparent purpose. it’s the delivery that is stormy. it’s marred by Associate in the Nursing unconvincing plot line, vapid treatment and to a fault dramatic acting. chopper Eela could be a huge dissatisfaction.

Director: Pradeep Sarkar
Writers: Mitesh Shah, Anand Gandhi
Stars: Kajol, Riddhi Sen, Tota Roy Chowdhury

Co-produced by Ajay Devgn, the film aspires to be a synthesis of a musical of kinds Associate in Nursing an emotional mother-son dramedy. however, the dearth of wind in its rotors prevents it from lifting off the bottom and flying forth.

Helicopter Eela Full HD Download

It hovers dismally, and in certain ways that, over a mollycoddling mamma World Health Organization not solely peeves her young son without stopping however conjointly puts her own life and career on hold.

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The film labors the purpose a couple of single parent’s relatable predicaments, however, fails to impart sustained momentum to the message.

The tale of a girl in her 40s World Health Organization misses her possibilities so, twenty years on, finds herself scrambling to create up for lost time ought to are a watchable, if not rousing, affair. it’s not due to the insipid and contrived things she is thrown into and also the eccentric reasons that are thought up for the ever off-putting turns that her life takes.

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In the role of a mother, the World Health Organization is bent upon suffocating her college-going son with additional attention than the latter craves, Kajol swings between the overly exuberant and also the madly cantankerous.

The tonal missteps utterly devastate chopper Eela, tailored from a Gujarati play written by Anand Gandhi. The lead player is left with too high a mountain to climb. Not that Kajol is not up to the task. She actually is not low on energy. However, a touch less enthusiasm may need to be helped create the character additional nuanced and rounded.

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