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Gunturodu Full Movie Download in Fully High Quality on 720p.  For the primary time in his career, Manchu Manoj has come back up with associate out and out mass somebody known as Gunturodu. Directed by Satya, this film has hit the screens everywhere these days. Let’s see however it seems to be.


Kanna(Manoj) may be a happy go lucky youth within the town of Guntur. One fine day, he gets into an enormous fight with a deadly criminal attorney known as Seshu(Sampath) and injures him badly.
Things become difficult once an awfully upset Seshu starts yearning for Kanna and targets his father(Rajendra Prasad). The scene becomes even additional chaotic once Kanna falls infatuated with Seshu’s solely sister Amrita(Pragya Jaiswal).

Rest of the story is however a standard bourgeois guy like Kanna manages to fight the mighty Seshu and finally ends up marrying his sister.

Country:South Indian
Directors:K. S. Satya
Writers:K. S. Satya
Stars:Manchu Manoj, Pragya Jaiswal

Plus Points:

Manchu Manoj suits the part fully and impresses in an exceedingly mass avatar. He is especially rocking in the high octane fights and mouths some powerful dialogues with a lot of ease. Manoj’s energy lifts the film and all his confrontational scenes with Sampath are very good.

Talented actor, Sampath is one of the biggest assets of the film. His character has been written quite interestingly and he does a superb job as Seshu. The small-time ego issues shown through Sampath’s character are very good as the film has a very strong villain’s track which is very good in the first half Gunturodu Full Movie Download.

Pragya Jaiswal looks decent in her glamorous role. After a long time, Kota gets a good role. Interval bang and the pre-climax fight are a big plus to the film.

Gunturodu Official Trailer

Minus Points:

One of the biggest minus points of the film is the lack of entertainment. The film does not have much comedy and also the romantic track between the lead pair is quite weak. The climax of the film looks silly as Rao Ramesh’s entry as the minister and the way he solves the issue looks over the top.
The film has a roller coaster effect as whenever the hero-villain track is on, you are entertained but as the film gets into the love track and many other scenes, the proceedings dip severely.

Technical Aspects:

Production values of the film are very good as the rustic locales of Guntur are nicely showcased by some good camerawork. The action choreography needs a special mention as all the fights are superbly executed. Manoj is showcased in a superb way and it also suits his body language. The film needs slight editing during the second half of Prudhvi’s comedy track could have been avoided. Music by DJ Vasanth is decent and the background score is even better. Luckily, the songs do not disturb the flow of the film.

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Coming to the director Satya, he has done just an okay job with the film. His way of showcasing the hero-villain conflict is pretty good but he should have padded up the film with some good entertainment and racy scenes. As he showcases too much intensity during the initial stages itself, he runs out of steam as the film progresses.


On the entire, Gunturodu is one film that is clearly aimed toward the plenty. Manchu Manoj impresses in an exceedingly new and powerful avatar and Sampath’s performance provides the film some smart moments. however, some dragged out and below par scenes keep deviating the nice plot throughout the film. If you ignore the higher than such demerits, this film will be watched for the hero-villain conflict and a few racy action episodes.

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