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At a stop in a very rough a part of the city, a carrot-eating vagabond named Smith sees a pregnant girl on the verge of birth whereas fleeing a gun. Following them into a warehouse, Smith kills the gun by stabbing him within the face with a carrot and retrieves the woman’s small-arm.

Director: Karim El Shenawy
Writer: Haitham Dabbour
Stars: Safaa El Toukhy, Ahmad El-Fishawi, Ahmad Kamal

As a lot of thugs arrive the lady goes into labor, and Smith delivers her baby boy throughout a scrap. Pursued by head assassin Hertz, the lady is shot and killed; Smith narrowly escapes with the newborn.

Gun Shot
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Leaving the baby in a very park, Smith hopes somebody can adopt the kid however a passing girl is killed with an endeavor from Hertz’s precision rifle. Realizing that Hertz is making an attempt to kill the baby, Smith saves him and tries unsuccessfully to deport him with a prostitute named adult female Quintano.

Gun Shot Full Movie High Quality Download

Hertz shortly arrives at the building and tortures adult female for information; Smith returns and kills his henchmen. when a quick confrontation, Smith shoots Hertz and leaves with an adult female and therefore the baby. Having on the Q.T. worn a cataphract, though, Hertz is alive albeit wounded.

Gun Shot High Quality Download

Taking adult female to his hideaway, Smith realizes that the baby (whom he names Oliver) stops crying once he hears heavy-metal music; he concludes that his mother lived close to a heavy-metal club.

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