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Guilty (2020) Hindi Full Movie Free HD Quality Download on 720p. A story approximately the college heartthrob being accused of rape by using a now not-so-famous girl, within the shadow of the current method motion. This sounds like the suitable launch pad for Dharmatic, the meant regulate ego of Dharma Productions, beneath the aegis of Karan Johar.

Director: Ruchi Narain
Writers: Atika Chohan, Kanika Dhillon
Stars: Kiara Advani, Ashrut Jain, Chayan Chopra

Dharmic presents Guilty, a two-hour film that speaks approximately rape, consent, privilege, slut-shaming, power dynamics, the he-stated, she-stated diatribe, etc.

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The list is endless. Set in an elite Delhi University college – St Martins – the story is told through the shenanigans of a college band Doobydo, whose lead vocalist is VJ, son of a forthcoming politician.

Guilty Full HD Download

His girlfriend Nanki (Kiara Advani), in her black nail polish-tattooed-boyfriend jeans-wearing-Virginia-Wolf-goth glory, is the songwriter for the band.

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Enter Tanu Sharma from Dhanbad, whose selected pronoun for herself is a hum, who is unabashed approximately her desires – which incorporates VJ – and no longer apologetic approximately the attention she seeks.

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But as she is a ‘scholarship kid’ and doesn’t suit into the elite, English-medium wala trope, almost anybody in college maintains her at a distance.

Guilty Full Movie Download

On a fateful Valentine’s Day celebration, things happen, and later at a time when the #metoo motion is at its peak, a tweet by Tanu accuses VJ of rape.

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