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Guddu Ki Gun Full Movie HD Quality Free Download In MP4’Guddu Ki Gun’ may be a sex comedy and, higher (or worse?) still, it’s an idiotic story of the protagonist’s male organ turning into, hold your breath, solid gold! whereas the premise of the film itself evokes sniggers, one can’t facilitate however feel a tinge of admiration for the boldness with that the story has become a two-hour film.

Flim: Guddu Ki Gun
Directors: Sheershak Anand, Shantanu Ray Chhibber
Writers: Sheershak Anand, Shantanu Ray Chhibber
Stars: Kunal Khemu, Payel Sarkar, Aparna Sharma

Guddu Ki Gun Full Movie DownloadKunal Kemmu plays Guddu, a neighborhood Don Juan, UN agency underneath the pretext of marketing soap powder, woos and seduces the ‘bhabhis’ of the realm. therefore proud is Guddu of his plus (read: organ) that he’s on a mad spree to travel around warming the beds of as many ladies as attainable. however one morning he wakes up to seek out that his abundant cherished organ is currently fabricated from gold. This, as a result of he, has been cursed by the grandpa of 1 of his several spurned girlfriends.

It is a sex comedy, thus there ar lots of references to sex (and luscious women) and there’s comedy.Kuch Kuch Locha Hai Full Movie Download, There ar many laugh-out-loud moments and therefore the director and therefore the author manage to stay you hooked throughout. However, the script falters at the tip once a climax is stretched manner on the far side its limit, therefore testing the patience of the audience.

Guddu Ki Gun Full Movie DownloadKemmu, who’s already shown U.S. that he has glorious comic temporal order in films like ‘Go Goa Gone’ (2013), plays Guddu with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor. Sumeet Vyas, United Nations agency plays Guddu’s relief Laddu, has additionally done an honest job.

Guddu (Kunal Kemmu), a Sanskrit salesperson based mostly in Calcutta, makes out with lonely housewives for fun. Guddu Ki Gun Full Movie HD Quality Free Download, His interest in ladies is restricted to physical intimacy. This hurts ‘behold’ (Aparna Sharma), an applied ramp model, whose worth system shuttles between puja ki thali and swimsuit blouses. Guddu’s pleasure-seeking lifestyle involves a screeching halt, once he wakes up to a rude shock in the future.


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Bali’s grandad curses the libertine, rather his ‘gun’, turning it to gold. so as to interrupt the curse, Guddu should notice true love and marry her. The hero runs from pillar to post, to seek out the love of his life. Enters a geeky plain Jane (Payel Sarkar, with a Gracy Singh hangover) the sole ‘unattractive’ resolution to his downside.

Helping him within the method may be a loyal friend/ chum (Sumeet Vyas).Bajrangi Bhaijaan Full Movie HD Download, The couple should dodge the greedy (sexy nurse, silly doctor, sillier don Associate in Nursingd an anxiety-ridden Bengali man) UN agency square measure when the gold. will he succeed?

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