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Uttam, the son of a two-wheeler mechanic, falls soft on with Suchitra, the female offspring of a high quality management officer within the health department.

Director: Raja Chanda
Writer: Nk Salil
Stars: Biswajit Chakraborty, Koushani Mukherjee, Bonny Sengupta

However, the distinction in their family standing ends up in several issues in their relationship. Suchitra’s father sets some stiff challenges for Uttam to prove his love for his female offspring. can Uttam be able to overcome them?

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At a time once the content is king massive|and large|and massive} stars don’t essentially equate to big earnings, Girlfriend comes as a whiff of stale air. From the script to the direction, each facet of the film exudes a way of reminder — it’s as if you have got seen this before and recognize the formula.

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And therefore the formula is recent — boy falls soft on with a woman, girl’s father objects to their relationship since he’s of lower social standing. Challenges gift themselves and square measure overcome, until all live jubilantly ever once.

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This old-wine-in-a-new-bottle approach by director Raja Chanda is unsatisfactory. The emotions square measure muted and you have got to be seeing a romance like this for the primary time to feel endowed in it.

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