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A woman United Nations agency loses her husband during a police encounter plots to require revenge on the gangsters United Nations agency had framed him.

Director: C.V. Kumar
Stars: Daniel Balaji, Ashok Kumar Balakrishan, Kalaiarasan Harikrishnan

Gangs Of Madras opens with ‘The ax forgets, however, the tree remembers’, the African locution that additionally marked the start of Sriram Raghavan’s revenge drama Badlapur. and far like in this film, we have a tendency to ar introduced to a beautiful couple whose life, crammed with promise, is snatched away during a gunfight.

Gangs of Madras
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The survivor here happens to be the lady, United Nations agency not solely loses her man, however additionally the kid that’s in her uterus as AN aftermath of this tragedy. just like the Bride in Kill Bill (one of the films that director CV Kumar cites as AN influence), this woman, Raiza is consumed by retaliation.

Gangs of Madras Full Movie High Quality Download

However in contrast to within the different 2 films, wherever the killers were gun for hires, the antagonists here are merciless gangsters United Nations agency are a part of a worldwide drug merchandising network. And Gangs Of Madras turns into a revenge film that’s set inside the felon film format.

Gangs of Madras Full HD Download

What sets this film aside from the number of felon films that we’ve seen this to this point is that its protagonist happens to be a girl.

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