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The story is prepared in Kurnool district. Balaraju may be a studious, sincere guy global organization agency loves his mother lots. throughout a Holi celebration, a vivacious interloper Barbarian plants a kiss on him playfully and disappears from the scene.

Director: Kotendra Dudyala
Star: Rahgav Reddy

It’s love ab initio kiss for the hero, global organization agency presently deploys his friends to trace the whereabouts of the lady.

Now, the lady is the spoiled daughter of Jagga Rayudu, a feared and unscrupulous master.
Bangari Balaraju’ is that film where villagers relish Holi and Kabbadi, friends attend any extent to help the hero in winning his lover, the mother is that the holiest and villain is that the dirtiest.

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To be sure, this film has two pro-mother songs. And, yes, what is a Telugu village whereas not someone or the other reveling in basic noesis Pawan Kalyan.
In a throwback to a bygone era, writer-director Kotendra Duyyala conceives a hero global organization agency will wallow in sorrow if you raise him to romance a woman.

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He’s associate IAS aspirant and so the film, blasphemously, doesn’t show him topping the civil services examination. He’s constantly at the receiving end of a super-naughty and sometimes abusive Bangari, global organization agency calls herself a ‘Maga rayudu’ with a golden heart.

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By and by, honor makes an associate entry at intervals the story. Jagga Rayudu may be a caste-obsessed and status-conscious structure head of the villages in Kurnool district and he doesn’t approve of his daughter Bandari’s love. One murder attempt to so the total population is up in arms against him. Wah!

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