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Fraud Saiyyan Movie Review: Hailing from North India, Bhola could be a seasoned confidence man WHO manages to marry thirteen totally different girls, with great care that he might live-off their cash, while not having to figure for his own self.

Director: Sourabh Shrivastava
Writers: Amal Donwaar, Sharad Tripathi
Stars: Flora Saini, Arshad Warsi, Elli Avrram

The film, in unhealthy style, reduces girls to mere objects; wherever they’re typically projected as dumb and sex-deprived folks during this senseless comedy.

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Associate in Nursing actor of Arshad Warsi’s caliber ought to most likely not feature in an exceedingly regressive film like this.

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The story details right at the start and ne’er gets back on target. the women are, like it’s been mentioned before, absolute props within the film, shown within the most distasteful manner.

Though Arshad Warsi is funny as continually, however with a lackluster plotline at hand, even he can’t save the disaster that’s ‘Fraud Saiyaan’.

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Fraud Saiyyan Full HD Download

Regardless of whether or not you get pleasure from con-man stories or you’re an acquaintance of Arshad’s comedic abilities, ‘Fraud Saiyyan’ isn’t the sort of film that you simply ought to pay it slow and energy on.

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