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Hameed’s father Hyder has left him his inheritance to inherit, however, his death has created Hameed a ‘yatheem’. desirous to marry from a decent family, Hameed desires to seek out his mother to rid of himself of the ‘yatheem’ tag. ‘Ente Ummante Peru’ is Hameed’s journey to seek out his mother

Director: Jose Sebastian
Writers: Sarath R. Nath, Sarath R. Nath
Stars: Tovino Thomas, Urvashi, Saara Dev

Written and directed by Jose Sebastian, Ente Ummante South American country may be a story set in Malabar. However, in contrast to countless films primarily based in Malabar within the past, ‘Ente Ummante Peru’ does not attempt to sell Malabar to the audience by gavage them the biryani, and words like Khali, monchathi, and also the like. it is an easy story unmoving within the soil.

Ente Ummante Peru
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As the film begins to require a form, we have a tendency to square measure told that Hameed (Tovino) is simply another young, easy-go-lucky fellow from Malabar World Health Organization is fascinated by the thought of a ‘nikah’.

Ente Ummante Peru Full Movie High Quality Download

However when his father’s death, Hameed cannot appear to induce AN alliance on account of being AN orphan. shortly he sets resolute notice his mother and gets into hassle when hassle.

Ente Ummante Peru HD quality Full Movie Free Download

The highlight of the film has got to be the chemistry between the boy-next-door charm Tovino and also the ace histrion Urvashi. As Hameed, Tovino sheds his star persona within the blink of an eye fixed.

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