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Encounter Raja Hindi Dubbed HD Quality Full Movie Free Download.Encounter Raja Movie Review :An aspiring movie maker narrates a breath-taking story to his girlfriend in an exceedingly eating place. Associate in Nursing unknown message knocks the door subsequent day, asking him to jot down a story. He sends his own story, that impresses the interloper, however he asks for Associate in Nursing action ending for killing a brutal villain. Hero sends an exhilarating plot. this point the interloper sends a parcel with a gun to kill the $64000 life brutal villain implying an equivalent plot this point. Hero finishes up knowing the cruel intentions of the villain and tries to flee from this lure. however he receives a message showing his girlfriend meeting a planned accident.
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Initial release: 26 Apr, 2016
Director: Pradeep Chilukuri
Stars: Naara Rohith ,Isha Talwar ,Taraka Ratna

That states a warning that there’s no going back. will a standard man very arrange to kill a brutal villain for his loved ones? United Nations agency is that the unknown interloper behind this? however can hero unfold the mysterious murder plan?The film begins with the introduction of Inumu (Dhanraj), a peculiar malefactor United Nations agency solely steals things created out of iron. Then Raja (Sharwanand), Sreenu (Prabhas Sreenu) and Giri (Saptagiri) square measure shown seizure a pet dog and escaping. The film then moves to flashback wherever Raja and Sreenu square measure each idle and constant supply of irritation for his or her various fathers.
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Raja’s father could be a teacher and a social activist. He beside his friend (Surya) collect cash for Associate in Nursing organization for treating youngsters. Raja and Sreenu square measure rounded off by the native space inspector (Posani) for being vagabonds as he feels vagabonds square measure a nuisance to the society. He orders them to depart for Hyderabad to try and do jobs that he organized for them.

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However, as they reach Hyderabad, Raja sees Amulya (Surbhi) and falls for her like a shot. He then presents himself as a salesperson for Oxford lexicon to woo her. He finally wins her love once he saves her from being ill-treated by some goons. Amulya loves pet dogs whereas Raja hates them. As fate would have it, Amulya, United Nations agency was close to propose her love for Raja, sees Raja give her pet dog to the native Municipal corporation.

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Associate in Nursing furious Amulya breaks up with Raja. Raja, to get back her love, goes searching for the dog and finds it in an exceedingly shop, whose owner insists to pay cash in exchange. Raja and Seenu, in need of cash, sell a record variety of dictionaries to impress William Henry Gates (Brahmaji) and take the specified cash from him.

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