Ekkadiki Pothave Chinnadana HD Quality New Realese Telegu Movie Free Download

Ekkadiki Pothave Chinnadana Full Telegu Movie Download in HD Quality.Ekkadiki Pothave Chinnadana Movie Review: Arjun (Nikhil Siddharth) when finishing off his communication waits at wedding registrar workplace for his girlfriend Ayesha to marry however Ayesha does not come back, and Arjun is left heartbroken. A few years later Arjun’s friend Kishore (Vennela Kishore) gets mentally disturbed and he feels that he’s possessed by some spirit. For treatment, Arjun takes Kishore to Kerala.

Ekkadiki Pothave Chinnadana Full Movie Free Download

Initial release: November 18, 2016
Director: Vi Anand
Writers: Vi Anand, Abburi Ravi
Stars: Nikhil Siddharth, Hebah Patel, Nandita Shwetha

whereas Kishore is treated, Arjun gets near to a lady named Amala (Hebah Patel) and gets drawn to her as he feels she is comparable to Ayesha in terms of perspective. when Kishore’s treatment, Arjun is another time left sorrowful as Amala leaves the place while not even informing him. Arjun goes when Amala to her village, Vijayawada, Associate in Nursing gets aghast by knowing that Amala met with an accident a few years back and therefore the lady whom he met in Kerala isn’t Amala.
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Back in Hyderabad, Arjun meets the lady United Nations agency purported to be Amala and founds that her actual name is Nithya and gets to understand that within the past Nithya was possessed by a spirit whose name was Amala and for treatment Nithya visited Kerala. Gradually, Nithya and Arjun meet up with however at that point Amala’s spirit enters another girl’s body whose name is Hindu deity (Nandita Swetha) and involves Arjun’s house. Arjun, though finite, maintains a standard behavior with Amala.

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