Ek Tera Saath Hindi Full Movie HD Download

Sitting in his palace in Rajasthan, amongst the ghosts of his royal ancestors, Ek Tera Saath Hindi Full Movie HD Download In MP4,  patrician Hindu deity Pratap Singh mourns the loss of his better half. His mundane life changes once a person is dead in his haveli and therefore the ghosts return sound.

Ek Tera Saath Hindi Full Movie HD Download High Quality

Genres: Horror
Language: Hindi
Quality: pDVDRip
Director: Arshad Siddiqui
Writers: Arshad Siddiqui
Stars: Vishwajeet Pradhan

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A frenzied depressive patrician, Hindu deity Pratap Singh (Sharad Malhotra) not solely believes in ghosts, however, spends the higher a part of his days chatting up with them. His palace may be a bastion of spirits, with the data of his recently deceased better half Kasturi (Hritu Dudani) topping the list. As Hindu deity sinks deeper into delirium, a person is killed within the palace and inspector Suryakant Singh (Deepraj Rana) begins the investigation. Bahubali 2 Full Movie HD Download, 1921 Hindi Full Movie Download in HD also the horror movie. within the meanwhile, Aditya’s friend from the United States, Sonali (Melanie Nazareth), comes visiting and virtually falls crazy with him. However, she is pursued away by the jealous ghost of Kasturi. simply before intermission, the film changes track therefore violently, that you’re unsure whether or not it’s a heroic tale or your brains are simply being picked.

Ek Tera Saath Hindi Full Movie HD Download High Quality

Sharad’s character — of the brooding patrician Hindu deity — is therefore flat, it’s laughable, and not within the places wherever the director meant you to laugh. an honest actor, that a decade price of TV acting will vouch for, Sharad is relegated to taking part in a job which will be best outlined because of the caricature of a patrician.

Ek Tera Saath Hindi Full Movie HD Download High Quality

His co-actors Hritu and Melanie have very little to supply, as way as performances go. they might simply have vied every other’s roles and nobody would have noticed. Deepraj because the suspicious inspector is another character UN agency can leave you really baffled, once you realize UN agency he truly is.

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