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Ego Telugu Full Movie Free Download in HD Quality. Gopi(Aashish Raj) could be a happy go lucky youth in Amalapuram WHO hates Indu(Simran). He keeps teasing her all the time and Indu too, hates Gopi to death. when facing an explicit insult from Gopi, Indu decides to induce married to a doctor.

Release date : January 19, 2018
Starring : Aashish Raj Bidkikar, Diksha Panth, Simran Sharma, Kyra Dutt
Director : RV Subrahmanyam
Producers : K R Vijay Karan, K R Kaushal Karan, K R Anil Karan
Music Director : Sai Kartheek

Upset with this, Gopi leaves Amalapuram and involves Hyderabad in search of a lady higher than Indu. The twist within the tale arises once each Indu and Gopi fall dotty.Ego Telugu Full Movie HD Download. Well, however, do this 2 fall dotty after they hate one another thus much? to seek out out this twist, you would like to look at the film on the massive screen.

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Prudhvi’s comedy within the half is okay and evokes fun here and there. sure jokes dead on the hero and Prudhvi gang work well throughout the primary 0.5.

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Heroine Simran appearance sensible and will well in her village lady role. Deeksha Seth gets a good role in the film.

Looks wise, hero Aashish rule is tight however must get his diction right. Rao Ramesh’s role within the last fifteen minutes of the film is sweet.Ego Telugu Full Movie Download. this can be added the time once a small suspense is generated and also the film makes some sense.

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One of the most important drawbacks of the film is that it’s not set in one genre. It ab initio starts with village drama, then turns into a story and amazingly heads to become a whodunit. The film has such a large amount of subplots that square measure dragged most of the time.

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The film is full of illogical and stupid scenes to no extent. Comedy characters keep coming back in at regular intervals and sidetrack the film. The means the lead combine falls softly on appearance silly to the core.

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The director ne’er shows the love between them and one wonders on however 2 teenagers World Health Organization hate every fall soft on all of an explosive.

Production values of the film square measure concerning okay. an excessive amount of cash is spent on actor remunerations World Health Organization square measure completely not required for the film.

Music is tight as one or two of songs sound and appearance well on screen. The camerawork is okay because the village visuals are shot well. Dialogues square measure quite kinky and are written with lots of wits.

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