Eeda (2018) Malayalam Full Movie HD Download

Eeda (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Free HD Quality Download in 720p. I didn’t love you, once checking the color of the flags….Anand confesses he likes to Aiswarya. each are from families, United Nations agency ar hard-core political rivals, however, love makes forget the political misfortune that’s sweeping their town. Eeda is concerning love within the time of political chaos at Kannur. and the way Anand and Aishwarya talk terms this case to stay alive their true love is what the picture show is all concerning.

Director: Ajithkumar
Writer: Ajithkumar
Stars: Shane Nigaam, Nimisha Sajayan, Surabhi Lakshmi

Even whereas evolution the romance of Aishwarya and Anand, director B Ajithkumar weaves a political drama. Eeda Full Movie Download. Hartal, the state’s most wanted pursuit, becomes provides the rationale for Anand to satisfy his heroine Aishwarya.

Eeda Full HD Download

In the half, the romance of the protagonists is developed slowly and steady whereas the surprising chain of events back home forces them to collapse. The scenic fantastic thing about the locales of Kannur and town lifetime of Mysore are captured well on frames by lensman Pappu, United Nations agency had cranked the camera for the film, Njan Steve Lopez. Eeda Full Movie HD Download. Marking his debut in direction, Ajithkumar scores well along with his own script that sketches a sensitive and extremely up to date subject.

Eeda Full Movie Trailer

Shane Nigam lives through the character until the tip. once with success delivering the chaste non-standard speech of Malappuram in Kismath, the young actor proves his nerve once more by rendering the country tongue of Kannur.

Eeda High Quality Download

His realistic approach works well whereas constant can’t be aforementioned concerning Nimisha, United Nations agency is dramatic sometimes.

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Eeda Full Movie High Quality Download

Alencier pastureland Lopez, Manikandan R Achari, Sujith Sankar, Sudhi Koppa, Surabhi Lakshmi and Shelly Kishore be appreciation although their roles are small.

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