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There are ways in which for a movie to create an announcement while not pontificating,E Ee Telugu Full Movie Download. and that is wherever most of E Ee’s USP lies. Director Ram Ganpati Rao’s picture could be a breezy romcom concerning 2 barmy people meeting and falling softly on that may conjointly prefer to teach you a factor or 2 – or a lot of – concerning hygiene, and respecting each gender for the roles they play, whereas you are at it.

Director: Sabapathy
Stars: Navdeep, Mounika, Saranya Mohan

The story options Siddhu (Neiraj Sham), AN retiring, however, all assured sorta social class period of time UN agency loves his mother’s dosas, however, hates girls with a passion that surpasses all else – most that he solely prays to bachelor gods. Crossing methods with him are Hasini (Naira Shah), they have female offspring of Siddhu’s have boss, a new chief operating officer of the corporation, and chief thorn in our hero’s flesh.

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Once Siddhu and Hasini 1st meet, egos clash and battle lines ar drawn.E Ee Telugu Full HD Download. however, these 2 people whose attitudes to life are thus essentially divergent move, with some facilitate from a benevolent aghori, forms the crux of the story.

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Strictly speaking, E EE isn’t a very original tale. Taking inspiration from Mel Gibson’s “What girls Want” pre-interval, and another Hollywood rom-com “It’s A Boy woman Thing” post it, it is a story of what happens once you will suddenly “hear” the thoughts of a race you utterly scorn, and the way shit you thought could not exacerbate, will once you find yourself swapping bodies – with a feminine no less!

But like we have a tendency to mentioned earlier, it is the treatment, if not the story, that matters here. many scenes manage a couple of chortles while not having to resort to cringe-worthy humor, the music is pleasant, and also the characters area unit carved out sufficiently enough to create you’re feeling invested within them.

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The pic is formed on a modest budget, and director Ram shows that it’s potential to create a halfway tight film while not having to resort to exotic foreign locales, ripped male leads and illustrious family names at the drop of a hat.

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