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Dwaraka Full Movie Free HD Quality Download in 7017. Erra Seenu, (Vijay Devarakonda) a theif is mistaken for a god-sent as a result of a series of coincidences so turning into Krishnananda Hindu. Seenu plays on out of the greed for the money that flows in as dakshina. Meanwhile,

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Country:South Indian
Directors:Srinivasa Ravindra
Writers:Srinivasa Ravindra
Stars:Pooja Jhaveri, Prakash Raj, Vijay Deverakonda

Vasudha (Pooja Jhaveri) a woman he probabilities upon throughout his thieving days returns to worship him and he decides to remain back for her. however Seenu turns a brand new leaf from his conniving ways that, becomes a humanitarian and wins his love, forms the remainder of the story.?  gets to the plot terribly quickly by introducing Srinivas(Vijay Deverakonda) as a unimportant outlaw WHO cons folks beside this 2 friends. One day, whereas try|attempting} to flee from a unsuccessful theft attempt, Vijay takes refuge in AN flat complicated named Prudhviraj, WHO plays a pujari, handily proclaims Vijay to be Hindu Krishnanand for his own profit.

A series of lucky coincidences end in the Hindu changing into noted for his problem-solving talents. Seeing his fame, Prudhvi beside Prabhakar & others got wind of a trust within the Swami’s name to swindle the donations.

Oblivious to the present, Vijay is enjoying his Hindu avatar because it offers him an opportunity to move with Vasudha(Pooja Jhaveri) with whom he’s dispiritedly soft on with. In parallel, we’ve Ramakrishna (Murali Sharma), a rationalist, WHO has exposed pretend Godmen and his latest target is Hindu Krishnanand.

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The last half sees Vijay attempting to come back clean regarding his Godman image to impress Vasudha whereas Prabhakar et al wish him to continue the profitable drama. Soon, the CM (Prakash Raj) gets concerned and therefore the story gets sophisticated. however will Vijay handle the devotion of his followers and are available out of the Hindu act is what the remainder of could be aboutErra Seenu (Vijay Devarakonda) is a petty outlaw WHO plans to strike made by stealing a temple idol value Rs. 2 Cr. He but is caught and within the method of escaping from the wrath of the temple inmates, finally ends up in an exceedingly housing complicated.

A believer yearning for signs from God mistakes him for God Himself. Gurumurthy (Prudhvi), a revered saintlike man, christens him as Krishnananda Swamy. Erra Seenu settles for the money-spinning business, faking his divine powers he does not possess in Dwaraka Full Movie Download.


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A criminal professional person (played by ‘Kalakeya’ Prabhakar), a cop and an officer set their sights on the fast wealth of the ashram run below the aegis of Krishnananda Swamy.

The pretend cake, overtaken by his love for Vasudha (Pooja Jhaveri), delivers a shock by publically confessing that he’s not God however a fraud.

But will he get out of the entice currently that criminal parts wish to form cash by exploitation him as a pawn? however will he get out of the entice and win the love of Vasudha, WHO is sick by his fakery? what’s the role of a rationalist (played by Murali Sharma) altogether this? however will he redeem himself within the end? That forms the crux of the film.

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