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Dosti Full Movie Free Download in HD Quality on 720p. Karan Thapar (Bobby Deol) lives a loaded however terribly lonesome lifestyle together with his man of affairs begetter (Kiran Kumar), mummy Kiran (Lillete Dubey), and sister Nandini (Karishma Tanna), as nobody has time for him. at some point whereas at the family’s house, he loses his step and nearly falls down a deep gorge. he’s saved by rule Malhotra (Akshay Kumar), WHO is associate degree orphan, living a poor life-style together with his abusive maternal uncle. Karan and rule become indivisible friends, and rule moves in to measure with Karan, a lot of to the chagrin of the Thapar family WHO shun and dislike rule.

Director: Suneel Darshan
Writers: Suneel Darshan, Robin Bhatt
Stars: Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Kareena Kapoor Khan

Dosti Full Movie HD Download

Years later dominion and Karan have matured; dominion is smitten along with his childhood sweetheart, Anjali (Kareena Kapoor) and needs to marry her, whereas Karan flirts with Leena Bharucha (Sherlyn Chopra) and abandons her. Karan afterward meets with London-returned Kajal Sharma (Lara Dutta), with success woos and gets her to comply with marry him. Raj’s and Karan’s weddings ar planned for an equivalent day.

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Things take a flip for the worse: Leena and her papa, United Nations agency is utilized by Thapar, expose the buddies as flirts. Consequently, Anjali’s brother cancels the marriage and gets her married to some other person. dominion is later shown stricken by a fatal disease; whereas his doctor, Dr. Hindu deity (Juhi Chawla), tries to save lots of him, with treatment sponsored by Karan, Raj dies. Karan eventually gets married to Kajal, and also the couple name their kid when dominion.

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