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Dil Juunglee Hindi Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Rich lady needs love, not the luxuries in life. submarine needs fame and cash. They fall loving, life jolts them back to reality and that they crumble. Years later, they realise that each one they require is one another. what percentage times have we have a tendency to seen this same storyline? Dil Junglee is yet one more repeat of this centuries-old tale. What makes it worse is that the unoriginal treatment to the narrative.

Director: Aleya Sen
Writers: Surabhi Bhatnagar, Aleya Sen
Stars: Tapsee Pannu, Saqib Saleem, Nidhi Singh

It’s solely the actors — Taapsee Pannu, Saqib Saleem, Nidhi Singh and alternative supporting forged — WHO keep the show from obtaining intolerable.

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Debutant Aleya fractional monetary unit, WHO has conjointly written the film, begins her narrative in Old Delhi wherever the lead try — Koroli (Taapsee) and Sumit (Saqib) area unit getting ready to run off and find married. however the thanks to their destination ain’t straightforward and things don’t ensue quite the method they expected.

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Sumit may be a model WHO is well known for being featured on the duvet of Grihshobha (a Hindi woman’s magazine’s) sans his face and aspires to be a Bollywood hero before long. Koroli or Koro as her friends decision her, is born during a wealthy business family however has no inclination towards the privately held corporation. Instead, she is inquisitive about the English language and romantic novels.

The filmmakers have tried each trick within the book to create Dil Junglee relatable to the young audience. whereas a garden egg sandwich is employed to create fun of the vegetable, Sumit’s casting agent talks of destiny Productions and DDLJ half three, a transparent dig at the various unofficial remakes of the 1995 hit film.

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Sadly, fractional monetary unit has conjointly enclosed each remark and stereotype on the market in Hindi cinema — wealthy father hates his female offspring as a result of she is inquisitive about literature and not ‘numbers’ and master’s degree. “Itne Bade man of affairs ki beti ek mamooli English counsellor, what a shame!” the daddy tells Koro.

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