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Dhilluku Dhuddu Full Telegu Movie HD Download.Dhilluku Dhuddu Movie Review: The film relies on during a haunted cottage of Sivaganga Parvatam space. Kumar(Santana) and Kajal(Anchal Singh) square measure 2 lovers UN agency conceive to marry one another. however Kajal’s daddy, UN agency doesn’t approve of their relationship makes a false promise to Kumar and his family and takes them to the cottage so as to kill them.
Dhilluku Dhuddu Movie Download

Initial release: 7 July 2016
Stars: Santhanam, Shanaya, Karunas

the remainder of the story is on however Kumar saves himself and his family from the spirit that lives within the haunted cottage. The film takes forever to enter into the most block. Scenes showcased to ascertain the hero and his love track may be a huge bore within the picture show. Things don’t move at an honest pace throughout this point and this is often wherever the film falters.
Dhilluku Dhuddu Full Telegu Movie HD Download

once some extent in time within the half, the film gets quite sure. The climax is derived from several English films and appears to pretend.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpprj3YIs_I]

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Dhilluku Dhuddu Full Movie Free Download
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