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How will someone not like Charuhasan? He was fantastic as a priest in Vedham Pudhithu. He compete for a robust silent character in Thalapathi, wherever he was typecast in an exceedingly priest role all over again. The hero’s friend, for no matter reason, says he desires to die.

Directed by: Vijay Sri G
Produced by: Venu Ravichandran
Written by: Vijay Sri G
Starring: Charuhasan, Saroja, Janagaraj

Of course, however, will we have a tendency to forget his uber-cool rendition of the character M from the Bond series in Vikram? Promos will be dishonorable, however, I used to be extremely trying forward to look at 2 of my uncomparable favorite actors — Charuhasan and Janagaraj — on the screen when a protracted time.

Dha Dha 87
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Once the title card appeared, I used to be gently shocked. besides the statutory warning, it said, “Touching a lady while not her consent may be a punishable offense.” I Sabbatum up straight. however, the film’s deaf proclamations concerning ladies management and transgender rights are fastidiously offensive.

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Dha Dha 87 Full Movie High Quality Download

Dha Dha eighty seven begins with the introduction of Jail Pandi (Anand Pandi), WHO lies inactive on a railway track. Is he dead? Was he murdered? Or might it’s suicide? each character makes a passing mention concerning suicide.

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The hero desires to die as a result of he couldn’t charm his girl, despite stalking her and performing arts all forms of accumulation that Tamil cinema stars have down over the years. The heroine (played by Sri Pallavi) desires to kill as a result of the hero didn’t reciprocate her feelings.

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Dha Dha 87
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