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The Marines highjack associate abandoned transit bus for the evacuation. En route, they deduce that the alien air units square measure drones that focus on human radio transmissions. city reveals that her mission is to find the aliens’ command and center, as its destruction ought to deactivate the drones.

Director: Tibor Takács
Writers: Matthew Baker, Ryan Ederer
Stars: Craig Sheffer, Cynthia Watros, Romeo Miller

Once their bus comes vulnerable on an associate elevated highway, the Marines come down the cluster to street level. within the succeeding battle, Marines Stavrou and Mottola and therefore the remainder of the military National Guard troopers square measure killed,

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Whereas each Joe and Lieutenant Martinez square measure wounded fighting the aliens. Martinez uses his radio to draw in the aliens, then detonates explosives, sacrificing himself. Nantz is currently in command of extant personnel city, Imlay, Kerns, Lockett, Harris, Adukwu and therefore the civilians, continued their getaway the bombing zone.

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A story interviews a somebody UN agency speculates that the aliens square measure seeking Earth’s liquid water for fuel whereas eradicating the human population.

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The bombardment ne’er happens. Reaching the FOB, the Marines realize it destroyed which the military is retiring from LA. The Marines attempt to escort the civilians to associate alternate extraction purpose. once Joe dies from his wounds, Nantz comforts Hector.

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