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Honest inspector Hindu deity Singh and hard-boiled cop Hindu deity investigate a multiple suicide case. They come upon a darker truth revolving round the corrupt politician Yadav and sitar player. The political nexus forces Hindu deity to become the angry-young-man and one-man-army all rolled into one.

Director: Manish Vatsalya
Writers: Shahzad Ahmad , Saurabh Choudhary
Stars: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Tina Desai, Manish Vatsalya

Associate honest man fighting against the corrupt form of government may be a construct that’s nearly done-to-death in Hindi cinema. Yet, the formula of a instance hero fighting a gang of unhealthy guys continuously holds promise for associate action film.

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Dassehra, operating with the old figure of excellent winning over unhealthy, seems like a movie that you’ve most likely seen 100 times before. The Rohit Shetty-style extraordinary action sequences, with baddies flying off in several directions, appearance sensible in film, however it feels jaded, too.

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For viewers seeking a picture with action, item numbers, and paisa-feko dialogues, Dassehra has the proper quantity of masala. It’s simply that the formula-driven narrative of the film sounds like it’s older than the Ramayana itself.

Dassehra HD quality Full Movie Free Download

Aditi Singh and Hindu deity square measure honest to a fault. They love one another with identical passion that they uphold the law in their profession as cops.

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