Daring Rakhwala (Miruthan) Hindi Dubbed Movie HD Download

Daring Rakhwala (Miruthan) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Quality Download. Daring Rakhwala (Miruthan) Movie Review: Back to this, Karthik may be a Traffic lawman in Ooty World Health Organization avoids every kind of dangers as he takes care of his younger sister Vidhya, World Health Organization is in her early teens. each square measure orphans, however, they support Karthik’s Comic Constable Friend Chinnamalai.

Directed by : Shakti Soundar Rajan
Produced by : S. Michael Rayappan
Written by : Shakti Soundar Rajan
Starring : Jayam Ravi, Lakshmi Menon

He’s smitten with a doctor named Renuka however ne’er proposes all told their conferences. Renu is engaged ANd is on the brink of getting hitched with to an NRI named Naveen, World Health Organization is additionally heart specialist.

Meanwhile, Karthik’s sister is kidnaped and is suspected to be attacked by the zombies. The police of Ooty decides to shoot the those that have changed into zombies.He receives a decision during which he’s told to reach an area to search out his sister.

Daring Rakhwala Full Movie Trailer

There he finds Renu and her cluster of doctors, as well as the chief doctor Dharan finding an immunizing agent. Karthik conjointly finds his sister and later involves understand that the doctors square measure unfree within the house that is invaded by zombies.

At that moment, the chief doctor Dharan is attacked by a zombie, however, doesn’t reveal anyone. With Karthik, Dharan, Renu, another doctor Kamal, Renu’s father and Minister Gurumoorthy, Karthik’s friend and sister, the cluster head to Kovai, they’re to use medical equipment to search out a cure.

Daring Rakhwala (Miruthan) Hindi Dubbed Full HD Movie Download

After they came close to Mettuplayam, they were shocked that zombie has unfolded in Coimbatore. The zombies get on my feet within the van, and Karthik uses the van to kill the zombies one by one. Minister Gurumoorthy, inadvertently disturbs some zombies and Karthik results in shoot them.

Then they’re forced to require shelter within the mall, opposite to the hospital. Meanwhile, Naveen is within the hospital making an attempt to search out the immunizing agent. They line up of a frightened watchman of the mall. once some hours, Dharan turns into a zombie and attacks Karthik’s sister. Karthik kills Dharan together with his gun, however, Vidhya doesn’t grow to be a zombie despite the very fact that she was attacked nearly AN hour agone. Kamal says that she is going to be able to facilitate them to find the immunizing agent as she has the specified antibodies and immunity power.

Thanks to that, Karthik had to escort them to the Hospital that faces the mall. For this, he’s mistreatment controlled water from the Mall’s fire engine knowing that they’re allergic to water. Despite the reduced time, Karthik manages to bring everybody safely to the hospital except Renu. He goes back to the mall to bring Renu. however, he will that with none water supply. So, he gets Renu to the Hospital, however, is attacked by the zombies whereas escorting her. He himself slowly turns into a zombie.

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Daring Rakhwala (Miruthan) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Download

However, he safely escorts her to the hospital before his human feelings lose and conjointly advices Renuka to induce obviate him and shoot him. however she is just too adamant to grasp the explanation why he had saved her despite the uncaring Naveen’s makes an attempt and her timid father and Renu realises his love for her (by seeing a photograph in his notecase as per directions of Vidhya, once she thought that she would die “that he ought to be united with the person within the photo” that is Renuka herself and she or he involves understand he’s the traffic police whom she thought to be individual all long.) however he becomes an entire zombie and attacks her, therefore, Renu shoots him.

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