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Dammunte Sommera Full Telegu Movie Mp4 Download.Dammunte Sommera Movie Review:There ar some films that manage to urge away although they appear underwhelming throughout, and entirely ride on the actual fact that the post-interval parts ar amusive enough to form you forget the dulness of the initial a part of the film. Dammunte Sommeraa is that sort of a movie.
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Initial release: June 22, 2018
Director : Ram Bhala

The film moves at a slow, sluggish pace and director Rambhala takes forever to urge the plot moving.He offers a introduction that wouldn’t be out of place during a typical horror film, so cuts to Kumar (Santhanam), a harum-scarum lower-middle-class guy.
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we tend to are created to sit down through one in all the foremost insipid romantic tracks in recent times. this is often created worse by the actual fact that the lead histrion appears awfully out-of-place, whereas our hero is tentative during this scenes.

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Watch Dammunte Sommera Full Movie Online Free
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