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Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai Full Movie HD Download In 720p, Chore task Mastuto Bhai could also be a 2005 Bengali-language Indian movie directed by Anup Sengupta, prima Mithun Chakraborty, Chiranjit, Jisshu Sengupta, Koel Mallick and 1st Stateepankar First State inside the most roles. image|the image} could also be a remake of 1973 Hindi picture Victoria No.


Nagraj (Deepankar Dey) sends John to steal a rare Diamond price crores from the repository. John betrays Nagraj and runs away with Diamond, but is killed by Ronnie, United Nations agency leaves the Diamond with a taxi triver Yadav Das. thus Yadav is confined in John’s murder case. His girl Madhuri (Koel Mallick) disguises herself as a boy to run the taxi to support her family.

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Some rare diamonds worth crores are exhibited in a museum under strict security. Nagraj sends his man John to steal the diamonds. However John betrays his boss and runs away with the diamonds. While fleeing he is murdered by Ronnie who leaves the diamonds with a taxi triver Yadav Das. Yadav is then convicted with John’s murder. His daughter is Madhuri who disguises herself as a boy and starts driving a taxi in order to support herself and her blind elder sister Madhabi. In the meanwhile Manik and Chand turn up at Madhuri’s house claiming to be their long lost uncles from Africa.


Madhuri falls in love with Rahul one of her passengers who also turns out to be Nagraj’s man. The diamonds become the main subject of the film. Everyone wants to possess them. The diamonds are kept in Madhuri’s taxi. Manik and Chand get hold of the diamonds and keep it in their possession. Rahul and Madhuri presently come back to understand regarding it.

Nagraj sends his men to urge the diamonds however the latter area unit unable to urge them. Manik and Chand tell Nagraj that they’d be happy handy over the diamonds to Nagraj, however 1st he can 1st have to be compelled to unleash Rahul, Madhuri and Madhabi. Then a fight ensues between Nagraj and Manik and Chand. The latter win and area unit ready to rescue Rahul, Madhuri and Madhabi. Nagraj is taken by the police and Madhuri’s father is free from jail.

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Madhuri is in love with Rahul, a Nagraj”s accessary. Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai Full Movie  Download,  As the Diamond is the prime attraction, everyone wants its possession. In the climax, Manik and Chand rescue Rahul, Madhuri and Madhabi from Nagraj and therefore the police arrest Nagraj.

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