Chinar Daastaan E Ishq Full Movie High Quality Download

Chinar Daastaan E Ishq Full Movie Free High Quality Download in mp4. Chinar Daastaan E Ishq Movie Review: If you want to recognize the story, Jamaal and Suraiyya area unit childhood friends-turned-lovers. Since each area unit poor, Suraiyya’s uncle gets her married to an expensive previous man Salaam, hoping for her higher future.

Director: Sharique Minhaj
Writers: Ahmed Chaudhary, Mohsin Khan
Stars: Parveen Kaur, Faisal Khan, Shahbaaz Khan

Bother ensues once Salaam kills Jamaal’s mother for declaring that Suraiyya belongs to her son. agitated with rage, Jamaal seeks revenge and viciously kills Salaam, conjointly refusing to forgive Suraiyya for deceiving him. will their eternal love overcome the odds?

Chinar Daastaan E Ishq Full Movie HD Download

Shot within the beautiful valleys and snow-covered hills of the geographic area, the situation is that the solely smart issue regarding this poorly created film. The film fails to deliver on multiple grounds.

Chinar Daastaan E Ishq Full Movie Trailer

The background score isn’t incorrect with the mood of the scene, usage of Urdu is prescribed to mashallah, janaab and hasrat bhari nigahen.

Chinar Daastaan E Ishq Full HD Movie Download

The heroine speaks in a sickly aged voice and hams to the extent that Rakhi’s Karan Arjun act pales compared. She calls herself ‘khubsurat’ each 2 minutes. Faisal appearance fifty and is formed to act sort of a 20-year-old, that is troubling.

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Chinar Daastaan E Ishq Full HD Download

His constant angry expression contains arched eyebrows and enlarged bloodshot eyes. Physical alikeness to Aamir (especially in Fanaa) is uncanny however that’s wherever the similarity ends.

We have a tendency to want the actor would have chosen a higher comeback vehicle rather than this random film.

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