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Channa Mereya Panjabi Full Movie Free HD Download. Channa Mereya Movie Review: The roaring success of Sairat (2016) wasn’t the results of a unique plot, however the collective outcome of AN exceptionally likable lead try and recent execution. So, Channa Mereya had a fat chance of having the ability to repeat the success of its Sanskritic language original. as luck would have it, director Pankaj Batra churns out a reasonably smart remake, proving himself all over again post Bambukaat (2016).

Release Date: July 14, 2017
Director: Pankaj Batra
Screenplay: Pankaj Batra, Jatinder Lall
Producers: Gunbir Singh Sidhu, Manmord Sidhu

Despite not giving something new within the initial hour, the film holds your attention thanks to its robust performances and dialogues. Ninja, UN agency makes his debut because the male lead puts a reasonably fun show. each Yograj Singh and Amrit are impactful because of the villains.

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Unfortunately, actress Payal Rajpoot is that the weakest link — which is that the love story’s biggest undoing. Love stories usually fall prey to clichés and Channa Mereya isn’t any exception.

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Whereas the start of the last half might have you ever glancing around the dark theatre attributable to the been-there-seen-that worth, it before long picks up the pace. With a crisp edit, honest performances and humorous dialogues, it keeps you engaged before the displeasing final blow. And it’s here, observance the brutal climax that one feels as if everything is occurring all of a sudden, creating the impact under desired.

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While the film adeptly highlights the caste and sophistication system prevailing within the society, wherever it fails is within the presentation of the lead try. The wide-eyed innocent teenagers in Sairat had AN charm of their own — one thing that looks missing within the six-pack-abs-flaunting hero ANd an uninspiring actress.

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Channa Mereya Full Movie HD Download

However, what the film loses within the main forged, it makes up with its supporting forged, picture taking and background music. Of course, the showing emotion surprising climax isn’t for the faint-hearted. If accepted with open arms, it’ll be telling of the evolution of Punjabi cinema viewers.

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