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Captain Malayalam Full Movie Free HD Quality Download in mp4. Captain Movie Review: In a country wherever cricket could be a faith, what place will soccer hold? Is that even a sport that individuals invest their life in? Director Prajesh subunit answers these queries by taking United States on a journey of former Indian team captain VP Sathyan (played by Jayasurya). The film shows his struggles and successes and a glimpse into the lives of individuals WHO live for the sport.

Director: Prajesh Sen
Stars: Jayasurya, Anu Sithara, Deepak Parambol

As we tend to see Sathyan’s life flip back and forth between 1992 and 2006, we tend to see that the director has tried to pull each emotional moment that’s price in his life. for example, there’s this epiphanic moment in Sathyan’s life wherever he has to decide whether or not to provide up his life for one game or surrender the sport for a flourishing life.

In making an attempt to impress on the actual fact that this can be a very important scene, the camera is about on a prime angle and captures expression through the fan.

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His call is shown in a very symbolic manner as he kicks his soccer to show the fan on and therefore the camera stays nonmoving on his face. Of course, the kick and faucet square measure shown in the flick. whereas the expectation of this shot would are to urge the audience to ‘feel’ the instant, it’s hardly organic.

This is the matter with the film. Everything is a musical organization to appear am passionate about it has depth.

Their square measure shots that show Jayasurya’s face because the character seethes in pain, however, we tend to don’t feel the connection. The scene of him icing his injured leg, living with unendurable pain should have tugged at the United States to feel pity, however it doesn’t go that deep.

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