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Brother of Bommali Full Movie Download in Fully HD Quality on 720p, Comedy King Allari Naresh, goes through an uninteresting introduce his career as a number of his past few films haven’t hit the bull’s eye. he’s back with yet one more someone within the kind of Brother of Bommali. additionally prima Karthika Nair as his twin sister, this film has hit the screens nowadays. Let’s see however it’s.

Ramki(Allari Naresh) and Lucky(Karthika) area unit twins UN agency take issue on each side. whereas Ramki may be a straightforward fun affectionate person his sister may be a dare devil and a tomboy naturally. One fine day, Ramki falls dotty together with his colleague Shruthi(Monal Gajjar) and reveals regarding his affair to his folks.

Name:Brother of Bommali
Directors:Chinni Krishna.
Writers:Chinni Krishna.
Stars:Allari Naresh, Karthika Nair .
Actors:Bhanu Sri Mehra.
Released: 06 Nov 2014.

Brother of Bommali Official Trailer

What can Ramki do currently? however, will he get his sister married? What happens to his sex? to understand answers to all or any these queries, you wish to look at the film on the huge screen. You can also download  Chuttalabbai telegu full movie.


The entire half is fun and is nicely originated for the second. Comedy, romance and fun parts throughout this era are dead brightly. Brother of Bommali Full Movie Download, Vennela Kishore is extremely sensible because of the funny boss and plays his half well. Srinivas Reddy and his cluster capable support Naresh and convey in humorous comedy punches throughout the film.


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