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Bollywood Diaries Full Movie Download in HD Quality. Bollywood Diaries Movie Story: Millions in India chase the dream of creating it massive within the sinister world of showbiz. Passion is what drives them. This film traces 3 parallel stories of folk and therefore the lengths they’ll visit realize their massive film industry dream.

Director & Writers: K.D. Satyam
Stars: Raima Sen, Salim Diwan, Ashish Vidyarthi

Bollywood Diaries Movie Reviews: When you chase your dreams, however way is simply too far? Director KD Satyam gets bold along with his story, that has its heart within the right place, however fails to mould it into one thing impactful.

Bollywood Diaries is one in every of those rare films that you simply would need to take a position in however the half-baked narrative isn’t successful in holding your attention. it’s adequate however not remindful enough.

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Satyam needs to mention it all, even once the film’s writing is incapable of supporting his vision. His several stories — of a Sonargachi bawdyhouse employee together with her dream to romance cinema, a hubby, well past his prime age,

Who is stuck during a mechanical job and needs to travel to urban center to pursue a career in acting and a youth thus consumed by his love for cinema that he turns deviant – do not converge.Bollywood Diaries Full Movie Download. The characters’ overwhelming love for the silver screen binds the stories along.

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The plot itself is generic and acquainted. there’s hardly any novelty in what plays out on the screen.Bollywood Diaries Full Movie HD Download. however the actors do their best cause you to place it. Ashish Vidyarthi, especially, is first-rate.

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Bollywood Diaries Full HD Download

His character may be a manifestation of men UN agency area unit stuck during a rut with their needs crushed owing to family responsibilities. As ridiculous as his punar-janam yag appears, he evokes sympathy.

Raima fractional monetary unit is sincere however her character isn’t well complete which fails her track. Sanchez Diwan does not impress abundant apart from the climax.

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