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Bodyguard Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. A Salman Khan film nearly always defies all logic, just because it follows its own norms at the box workplace, no matter the standard of the merchandise. All that the film must have the crowds edge, cheering and growing nearly hysterical is that the trademark Salman bit. This basically means that a high-on-testosterone Salman, a pelvic-pushing Salman, a devil-may-care Salman, a can-do-anything Salman, somebody’s tornado Salman, a goofy-in-love Salman, and yes, above all, a shirtless Salman. kindle this cocktail and rest assured, the box workplace can jingle, story be damned.

Once again, Bodyguard opened to AN uproarious crowd, however all the din couldn’t drown the actual fact that this one’s largely a non-happening film with a primary 0.5 that gets extraordinarily repetitive and boring. The romance between Kareena and Salman transpires in a very juvenile manner through endless phone conversations, as Kareena tries to masquerade because the mysterious woman out of nothing. And once the romantic track has nearly bored you to death, you have got AN equally lame comedy track to frustrate you. the entire sub-plot concerning wave Singh, the servant and his antics is uninteresting and distracting.

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