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Bodha HD Quality Full Movie Free Download.Bodha Movie Review: Bodha may be a Tamil motion-picture show star Vicky, Mippu and Uhayabanuin distinguished roles. it’s a drama directed by Suresh G, with Siddharth Vipin because of the musician, forming a part of the crew. a handful of weeks back, we tend to had Semma Botha Aagathey, whose hero found himself, defendant of murder, when invitatory a sex employee home. Manikandan (Vicky, United Nations agency nails the half a poor youngster), the hero of Bodha, conjointly faces an identical drawback, however, there’s one distinction – here, he’s the sex worker! That the hero may be a libertine is maybe the sole novel bit in Bodha, however, this is often bestowed quite indifferently (and even crassly) that it does not do something to the film.
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Initial release: 20th July 2018
Director: Suresh G
Writer: Suresh G
Stars: Shanmugasundaram, Mippu,

The film will have the weather that you just want for a generic crime comedy – a payment of money ripe for stealing, a haphazardly put-together plot, a bunch of interested parties, butterfingered cops, the works… However, each the writing and therefore the filmmaking show an absence of sorrow such material that none of it registers. The comic bits square measure hardly funny whereas the heroic tale parts square measure barely there, exploit United States grappling with a patterned down version of the film that Bodha desires to be.Nice actors introduction. Innovative in title card. New story line and theme. smart try from director, United Nations agency does not compromise from his destination. Songs and background music square measure smart. Cenemotography and writing square measure smart still.
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half comedy and half heroic tale.The trailer of Bodha hinted at a movie concerning gigolos. Or within the words of its lead, Madhan (Vicky), “aambala item”. this is often associateother try in an trade that’s obtaining additional and additional experimental within the stories it tells. I liked that Bodha talks concerning sex add a matter-of-fact method. Take the instant once Madhan reveals to Karthick (Mippu) that he’s during this profession which the largest worry in his mind is however shameful it’ll be if his mother gets to understand concerning this. Or the time once he needs to love a way older girl, United Nations agency is not as stunning because the girl he has up to now been with. His face contorts, he’s in anguish, and tries to go away.

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however once the girl shows him the cash, he puts on a facial expression and gets on with it. He doesn’t decide, or deliver any sermons over girls indulgence in additional matrimonial pleasures.The problem with Bodha comes once the film veers aloof from this light-hearted section into a mystery. A far-famed film that follows a awfully similar plot is yankee libertine written and directed by Paul Schrader. however despite whether or not this film was so galvanized by the Hollywood film, Bodha fails as a standalone product attributable to the absence of a playscript ought to have a criminal offense heroic tale.
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Also, this kinky comedy merited higher lines and therefore the film would have quite benefitted from having a much better dialogue author. The quirkiest character within the film is somebody referred to as a Temple Runner United Nations agency is often running, in the least places and in the least times, taciturnly scaring the bejesus out of everybody. This oddity aside, most of the supporting forged deliver wood performances.Bodha may be a film concerning cash and what individuals do for it. It’s unfortunate the film is not ok to justify the cash you give to check it.

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