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Bhargavi Full New Released Telegu Movie Download in Mp4. Bhargavi Movie Review: Monkey Baat may be a modern retelling of the story of Shishupala from the religious writing. within the original story, avatar guarantees to pardon Shishupala for 100 offenses, and takes his life once he crosses the amount.
Bhargavi Full Movie Free Download

Release Date: May 19, 2018
Director: Viju Mane
Stars: Bhargavi Chirmuley, Pushkar Shrotri

In Monkey Baat, we have a tendency to meet Vayu (Apte) a sensible child from Kolhapur, UN agency finds it tough to settle in a very new town like Mumbai, and believes that a frequent show of unhealthy behavior might compel his father (Shrotri) to send him back. This proves to be easier same than done. As Vayu’s list of offenses keeps rising, there’s no sign of his father taking the required action.
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Vayu is warned by a trespasser (Gupte), UN agency visits in several disguises, to stay his pranks below the atomic number — a hundred, however, things get out of hand.

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