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This is not a review. this can be a rant. i used to be to review the Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza-starrer Bachaana. I want I may do this. once looking the film, the sole factor i’m left reviewing is that the call to stay around and be predictably underwhelmed by it. Bachaana is that the latest within the long line of Pakistani films to suffer from what appears to be the Achilles’ heel of the country’s film industry: ion bumps into Alia (Sanam Saeed), a Muslim Indian, at the aerodrome and agrees to drive her and her husband Jehangir or J (Adeel Hashmi) to their edifice.

Bachana full movie free download

Bachana full movie free download

zero understanding of plot and storytelling. whereas detractors of critics like American state would point out the industry’s infancy, the shortage of cash and resources to justify a movie like this, one should realise that none of those will excuse this compulsion to write down and turn out such atrocious scripts.

Actors: Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Adeel Hashmi
Director: Nasir Khan
Producer: Nasir Khan, Rizwan Saeed
Writer: Saad Azhar

Indeed there are, and still area unit, infinitely higher writers in Asian nation. Forget movies and tv serials, higher content than this can be being churned out by Pakistanis for YouTube and Facebook. this could once and for all settle such arguments. You can rent somebody like Scorcese and pump in billions of bucks, not even rupees, into a pic, however it’s merely insufferable to create even a passable flick out of a nasty script. there’s an inspiration in creating by mental acts referred to as rule, Garbage in, garbage out. To expect a pic supported a nasty script to be smart is to expect trash to style delicious and not kill you.

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Bachana HD full movie download

Bachana HD full movie download


6 reasons ‘Bachaana’ ought to air your must-watch list Before we tend to move more, here’s a quick cross-check the plot. people who still desire looking the pic while not America spoiling it (although I fail to check how) have to be compelled to look currently. Vicky (Mohib Mirza) could be a Pakistani taxi driver in Mauritius World Health Organizatvery little will Alia understand at this time that her husband, World Health Organization in her own words she married but twenty four hours past, isn’t World Health Organization he says he’s. Not too long once they reach the edifice, Jehangir leaves with some underworld goons, effort Alia agitated. once she calls him, he tells her to pack her bag and attend the aerodrome to fly away to African nation, their ultimate planned destination, alone.


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At the aerodrome, another taxi driver switches Alia’s bag with one that’s loaded with medicine. once Alia finds out, she naturally panics and returns to the edifice, now with Vicky. Upon come, she discovers that Jehangir has confirmed, effort no trace behind. Advertisement

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