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Aramm Full Movie Fully HD Quality Free Download. Aramm is structured as a tense adventure story a few rescue try, however, what the film’s director, Gopi Nainar, is additional inquisitive about is a hard-hitting socio-political comment. That it’s effective as each is that the director’s accomplishment.

Director: Minjur Gopi
Stars: Nayanthara, Rams, Sunu Lakshmi

The film unfolds as a probe into an occasion. we tend to see IAS officer Madhivadhani being questioned by her superior over an occasion involving a toddler treed during a deep borewell.

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This approach additionally helps keep the audience unsure regarding the fate of the kid.

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And the film flashes back thereto ill-starred day, that proved to be each day of reckoning for the young collector.Aramm Full Movie HD Download. however, before the mishap involving the kid, Dhanshika (Mahalakshmi), Gopi introduces to her family and her village, a barren landscape wherever water is scarce.

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Such a lot so once a nurse (Vinodhini) administers infantile paralysis drops, a personality tells her to administer medication that may stop the child from feeling thirsty.Aramm Full Movie Download. Dhanshika’s father Yugendran (Rams) may be a painter, whose daily wage is simply enough to feed the family.

His wife, Sumathi (Sunu Lakshmi) conjointly will odd jobs, just like the different girls within the village. Their son, Muthu (Ramesh, the child from Kaaka Muttai) dreams of turning into a swimming champ, however Yugendran.

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World Health Organization unreal turning into a kabaddi player throughout his youth, however, could not, needs him to specialize in studies instead, for he feels the system is against them. In short, theirs could be a life that’s equal components frustration and hope.

And once Dhanshika falls into the borewell, Gopi uses the rescue mission, that before long turns into a media blitz and perpetually threatens to show into a riot, to discuss the society. From apathy of presidency officers to the greed of power-hungry politicians and therefore the urban-rural divide, Gopi goes all get into creating his stand clear.

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Repeatedly, Gopi brings within the analogy of rocket to indicate that together the Asian nation soars high, opposite India — important India, in his opinion — sinks more and more, unfree ANd with few likelihood of an escape.

Affirmative it gets instructive usually and melodramatic occasionally, however, we have a tendency to cannot ignore the intensity with that Gopi drives home his points. this can be a ‘Message movie’ with a capital M, however, Aramm wears this tag with pride on its sleeves.

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