Annanukku Jai Tamil Full Movie HD Download

Annanukku Jai Tamil Full Movie Free HD Quality Download on 720p. For a political film, Annanukku Jey is refreshfully low-keyed. That appears simply good as a result of the film deals with the conflicts between folks within the lower rungs of politics.

Director: Rajkumar
Stars: Dinesh, Mahima Nambiar, Radha Ravi

The setting could be a mofussil neighborhood – Mullai Nagar – wherever Matta Sekar (Dinesh, United Nations agency provides his best performance since Attakathi) helps out his hot toddy merchant male parent Murugesan (Mayilsamy, who, for an amendment, gets to play a personality rather than a comedian). The initial parts revolve around him entreaty (with a touch little bit of stalking) Sundari (Mahima Nambiar).

Annanukku Jai Full Movie Download

The plot kicks in once Irumbukkai tropical rain forest (Dheena), an official within the dominant party of the place, starts operative a bar. With the locals preferring Murugesan’s hot toddy, he decides to use his political clout to run the guy out of business.

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Sekar realizes that he desires political backing to survive and seeks the assistance of Parasuraman (Radha Ravi, in yet one more effortlessly casual performance), a senior official within the same party. This angers tropical rain forest, United Nations agency destroys Murugesan’s hot toddy search. associate angry Sekar decides to complete tropical rain forest off, however, what happens next changes the fortunes of these characters in amusing ways in which.

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Annanukku Jai Full HD Download

Despite the premise giving the chance to narrate this story as a gritty action drama (a la Madras), Rajkumar chooses to inform it in an exceedingly lighter, sarcastic vein.

this is often what makes Annanukku Jey completely different. Sekar does not remodel from a devil-may-care guy to a revenge-seeking action hero following a vital development. He continues to stay similar… a shot on his life, but he outsmarts his attackers not with sinew however with a brain.

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