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Andaaz Full Movie Free High Quality Download in mp4. The film distributors were on strike until recently. the $64000 reason appears to ME that they were complaintive against distributing one thing therefore ghastly. With movies like this being distributed across the country, the strike could still have continuing indefinitely. But alas, it created it to the theaters.

How exciting will a moving picture with lines like ‘Nahi, tumhe meri kasam’, ‘Agar tummy mujhse pyar karte atomic number 67 Tai pehle kyo nahi bataya’ and ‘Mein vidhwa hoon, mujhse kaun shaadi karega’ in excess be? however fascinating will a story of childhood friends not knowing they love one another be? however thrilling will a moving picture with Akshay Kumar and Lara Dutt taking part in category XII students and enacting the Salim-Anarkali range for the school Day be?

Kajal (Lara) and rule (Akshay) area unit buddies for all times. rule even grows up to become AN Air Force pilot so he will propose to Kajal up on top of the sky therefore high. however before he blurts out the 3 words, his dreams crashland as Kajal says she is love with a 3rd party and is obtaining hitched to him.

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