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In the case of yankee Pie, a lot of is a smaller amount. As in less funny, less sexy, and much, a lot of less gratifying. This sequel, like such a large amount of that, have preceded it this year, exists solely as a result of its forerunner created tons of cash – and therefore the lack of inspiration behind the picture show shows in each frame.


Movie Name: American Pie 2

ImdB: 6.4/10.

Directed: James B. Rogers

Released Date: August 10, 2001

Types: Comedy

Languages: English.

Stars: Jason Biggs,Shannon Elizabeth

Quality: BluRay.

Desperation permeates the assembly – desperation to match the outrageousness, hilarity, and coarseness of the primary yankee Pie. solely within the third class will it comparable. Everything concerning this image is flat – the performances, the direction, the book, the “comic” sequences, and therefore the energy state. Yet, as massive a dud because the picture show is, it’ll doubtlessly be an enormous hit, as a result of the movie-going public not looks to worry concerning film quality, as long as they see a number of acquainted faces. 2 years from currently, we’ll most likely be observance yankee Pie three.

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The “force” behind yankee Pie, brothers Paul and Chris Weitz, have solely government Producer credits, indicating an occasional level of involvement. It’s laborious to mention whether or not that has something to try to to with however discouraging the sequel is. The scriptwriter, Adam Herz, is that the same for each installments, though this latest script was written on auto-pilot. The director is J.B. Rogers, World Health Organization was the primary assistant director for yankee Pie. this is often his second feature; his debut was the monstrously dangerous Say it’s not thus. Considering the standard of that outing, even the frustration that’s yankee Pie a pair of represents a step within the right direction.

Virtually everybody from the primary picture show is back for the comeback engagement, though a number of the beautiful faces, like that happiness to town Reid’s Vicky and Claude Elwood Shannon Elizabeth’s Nadia, are not around a lot of (and don’t have any real reason to be a gift at all).

In fact, of all the ladies from yankee Pie, only 1 has important screen time – Alyson Hannigan, World Health Organization plays band camp child Michelle. Of course, all the blokes square measure reachable, together with lead jerk Jim (Jason Biggs); his sensitive big-guy friend, Oz (Chris Klein); his traditional chum, Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas); and his obsessed-with-an-older-woman pal, Paul (Eddie Kaye Thomas). Then there is somebody (Seann William Scott), the World Health Organization features a larger role here due to the actor’s quality spurt within the last 2 years.
American Pie 2 HD quality Full Movie Free Download
The events of yankee Pie a pair of transpire a year once those connected in its precursor. though the principals have all gone off to varsity, not a lot of has modified (although Kevin and Vicky are not any longer together). Oz associated Heather (Mena Suvari) square measure still an item. Jim remains a model of sexual insecurity and ignorance.
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And somebody is simply as rude, crude, and lewd as ever. Together, Jim, Kevin, Oz, Paul, and somebody rent a house for the summer, and that is wherever the assorted misadventures of yankee Pie a pair of manifest itself, together with a romance between Jim and Michelle. in contrast to yankee Pie, that truly had a story, this image will boast very little quite a skeletal plot that is the device by that a series of sketches is conferred.
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