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Amber Full Movie Free Download in HD Quality on 720p. Amber (The Sky) additionally referred to as Ambar, may be a 1952 Hindi costume action romance heroic tale film directed by Jayant Desai. The story was by Dwarka Khosla and Bachoobhai Shukla, with dialogues by Munshi Sagar Hussain and Arjun Dev Rashk. The book was attributable to Uma Hindu deity. The film was created by Seth Jagat Narain for his banner, Jagat footage, with music by Ghulam Mohammed. The thespian Tanuja was attributable as Baby Tanuja and view the role of a young Nargis. The film asterisked rule Kapoor, Nargis, Agha, Bipin Gupta, Vyas, Cuckoo, Helen, and Samson.

Amber Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

The story involves intrigue within the palace, a king damn for a murder and a female offspring avenging her father’s death. Nargis plays Amber, out for revenge, whereas rule Kapoor plays the person sent to save lots of the king.

Amber Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

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