Amanush 2 Full Movie High Quality Download

Amanush 2 Bangla Full Movie High Quality Download. This film too has its share of flaws. it’s sure to a good extent, that takes away the charm of a heroic tale. Otherwise, it’s a decent one-time watch.

Director: Rajib Biswas
Writer: Anindo Bose
Stars: Soham Chakraborty, Anindya Chatterjee, Payel Sarkar

It’s a story of Raghu (Soham), a keep youth, World Health Organization turns to violence once extant a traumatic expertise. once serving a term at a juvenile correction center, he takes up a distinct identity. One lie leads another and ‘Mr Hyde’ in him surfaces… What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Amanush 2 Full Movie HD Download

There square measure 2 reasons why you’ll be able to pay one evening observance Amanush two and not regret later — Soham’s spectacular come back once last year’s Golpo Holeo Sotti and an absorbing plot that keeps you posted to your seats until the top.

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Thankfully, like most industrial Bengali films, Amanush two steers afar from the everyday song and dance routine, Associate in Nursing arm-candy heroine or an unpitying villain with a countries provision of weapons at his disposal.

And if these don’t excite you sufficiently, the film features a sensible Anindya Chatterjee (as Raghu’s friend Ashok), World Health Organization leaves an enduring impression once more once Chotushkone.

Amanush 2 Full HD Download

It’s hard to form a psychological adventure story that’s diverting enough to attach to the lots. Amanush 2 Full Movie Download. Script and therefore the script author Anindya Satyendra Nath Bose excels in this department. He sticks to the truth and ne’er goes overboard.

Tho’ Soham encompasses a meaty role with substantial dialogues, and shoulders the complete film, Anindya steals the thunder very often. Amanush 2 Full Movie HD Download. Performance-wise, Soham emotes each mood — timorousness, craziness, timidity or psychopathy —in a superb manner.

Most in order that even once it’s disclosed that he’s a crazy killer, he gets audience sympathy. Rajesh Sharma, in a very short role as a bright cop, enhances Soham’s character utterly.

Amanush 2 Full HD Movie Download

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However, this film too has its share of flaws. it’s predictable to an excellent extent, that takes away the charm of an adventure story.

Player Sarkar, as Ashok’s girlfriend Riya, appearance done in. Even her serious make-up, fashionable garments couldn’t camouflage her fair performance. Otherwise, it’s a decent one-time watch.

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