Alifa (2018) Bengali Full Movie Download

Alifa (2018) Bengali Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Deep Choudhury’s debut venture Alifa could be a story of a family’s struggle languishing within the margins. Young Alifa and her family live in an exceeding hill overseeing the sprawling town of Guwahati.

Director: Deep Choudhury
Writer: Deep Choudhury
Stars: Baharul Islam, Jaya Seal, Victor Banerjee

Her folks Ali and Muslim contend by seasoned actors Baharul Islam and Jaya Seal work as daily wage laborers whereas she and her younger brother Faizal keep the home or wander around within the geographic region. square measure going|they’re going} to the maktab and are watching for a college to open within the section to resume education.

Alifa Full HD Download

As a result, they were forced to migrate to town and begin living illicitly in forest land. however, this conjointly comes with a worth. they’re perpetually at the mercy of a corrupt forest official UN agency extorts cash for not evicting them. Any delay in paying him runs the chance of being evicted. Alifa Full Movie Download. Ali’s family already reeling in financial condition faces double despair once he loses his job at a construction website.

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Forced to require up odd menial jobs within the town he perpetually faces undignified jibes of individuals commenting on his socio-religious background. Alifa Full Movie HD Download. he’s typically abused as a Bangladeshi giving voice to the rampant hostility towards the Miya Muslims. This conjointly points to the larger political discourse of unlawful immigration that subsumes all Miya Muslims as potential Bangladeshis.

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Ali’s personal life conjointly faces turmoil once his woman has AN adulterous affair. It’s a blow to his ego that not solely he’s unable to produce for his family, his woman is additionally unfaithful. Amidst all this, AN acute man-nature conflict jeopardizes the lives of those individuals living within the hill. Pushed against the wall by each society and nature, this can be a heroic tale of constant struggle that brings to the forefront of human frailty.

A leopard is seen roaming within the hill and it attacks a variety of individuals. once no support comes from the forest department, the individuals square measure left to reason themselves. The attacks all the same continuity. Alifa Full Movie HD Quality Download. Young Alifa conjointly loses her life to the current confrontation. And this can be a final blow to Ali’s troubled life.

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