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It’s not on a daily basis that you just come upon ideas like Ravi Babu’s Adhugo in Telugu cinema. this is often a movie wherever a shoat, named ‘Bunty’, becomes the cynosure of all eyes.

Director: Ravi Babu
Writer: Ravi Babu
Stars: Nabha Natesh, Abhishek Varma

Whereas Bunty holds the key to nice material resource for quite a few gangsters, his master moves from pillar to post to seek out Bunty. There square measure four gangs, and a young couple, WHO square measure out there to either kill Bunty or save him from an explicit death. Why is everybody once this apparently harmless piglet?

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To begin with, he features a distinct blemish that, AN forecaster says, could be a sign of fine luck. And then, in another scene, the shoat is subjected to heaps of pain by a goon WHO is simply too wanting to get wealthy.

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In a way, the shoat becomes AN elixir for everybody around him. Whoever possesses him, can have heaps to achieve from life. As fascinating as this premise would possibly sound, each Bunty and therefore the viewer’s square measure subjected to increasing levels of agony because the narrative progresses.

Adhugo Full Movie High Quality Download

This is often a movie that needs to treat its lead character, Bunty — the shoat — with charge and tenderness, however conjointly can’t resist business the story within the name of comedy. The good factor concerning Adhugo is that everybody is on their toes. The film doesn’t expect America to speculate our time into a selected subplot or characters.

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