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Abaddam Venuka Full HD Download.Abaddam Venuka Movie Review: Abaddam reminds you of Kambli’s career. it had been inconsistent however showed promise. it had been abusive and unsatisfying. And it left you with a definite, “Tchah, what might need to be been…” feeling. As you maybe already apprehend, Abaddam is not any unexceptional production. Balachander has created precisely a hundred movies (including some landmarks) before and launched a number of the largest names in Tamil cinema (do Rajnikant and Kamalhasan mean something to you?). Even before the screen lights up, you virtually tingle with anticipation that this one is going to be totally different, this one can stand out. To some extent, “Abaddam” lives up to those expectations.
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Initial release: 2018
Director: K Balachander
Writer: K Balachander
Stars: Uday Kiran ,Vimala Raman ,Prakash Raj

Strictly some. Vemana (Uday Kiran) is that the son of Kalidas, a Vizag politician United Nations agency is honest, upright and incorrupt to a fault. sadly for young Vemana, his father’s principles bring repercussions. pop won’t create recommendations, pop won’t place during a word for him, pop won’t use his power to free him from hassle, and so on. Father and son don’t see eye to eye, and also the fond wife/mother (who Kalidas has renamed Sakuntala!) needs to perpetually play fireman.
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When Vemana once lands during a legal soup, Kalidas refuses to assist him out. His political foes then step in and assist the politically naive Vemana, in a trial to woo him to their fold and sow discord in Kalidas’ party. They succeed, and ultimately Kalidas banishes Vemana from his house. Sakuntala and his friends advise Vemana to depart city for many months and to return back once the storm raging in Kalidas has simmered down. And so, Vemana promptly catches a successive flight to the national capital. Well, “Abaddam” is that the dubbed incarnation of the first dish, in Tamil.

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whereas it might have created a moderate sense for a Madras bigwig’s son to lie low in national capital given Sri Lanka’s massive Tamil population, it actually looks terribly odd for AN Andhra lad from the Northern Circars to finish up there. Not barely to finish up in the national capital, however, to conjointly notice different Telugu speaking folks whom he instantly befriends.
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This oddity keeps manifesting itself throughout the moving picture, adding a somewhat jarring note to the entire theme. In the country, Vemana manages to search out an area to mention, apparently by wandering through a park in the downtown national capital and latching onto the primary Telugu speaker he runs into. once asked regarding his oldsters, not desirous to reveal his identity, he alters his name to Balu ANd invents an unreal “father” – a gruff, dirty, all-white, recent man named Simhadri (played quite adorably by the director himself).

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