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Aasra Full Movie Free Download in Fully HD Quality on 720p. Presenting the official movie of an upcoming Bollywood movie Aasra. A true story of a public servant WHO desires to rework a Pune slum by building homes for folks through government’s slum rehabilitation theme (SRA). on the approach, he fights scrupulous builders and land mafia to secure homes for slum dwellers.

Music by: Abdhesh Goswami
Lyricists: Vishudh Anand Sharma, Sameer Chauhan & Sameer Pakhale
Cast: Sadanad Shetty, Atul Kulkarni, Sunil Pal, Rahul Pathak, Omkardas Manikpuri & many
Banner: Padmavision
Producer: Sadanand Krishna Shetty
Director: Raj Saga

Sadanand Shetty, a social activist from Pune WHO plays himself within the film, may be a serial helper. He invests lots of your time within the lives of residents in his neighborhood slum. he’s fighting a case against a developer for the slum dwellers rights. at the side of facilitating from junior engineer Avinash Joshi (Atul Kulkarni) and many of shrill, generic recommendation from his mother (Kishore Balla), he stands for the native municipal elections. His nemesis is that the native goon Sapphire (Ashok Samarth) and Mrs. Aasra Full Movie Download. Angela WHO speaks Hindi like Captain Russell from Lagaan. they require to obstruct the poor and build malls on 5 acres of slum land.

Aasra Full Movie Official Trailer

In the half, that moves at a snail pace, the slum dwellers win the case and area unit set to create the living accommodations complicated of their dreams. Aasra Full Movie HD Quality Download, there’s no tension or suspense. the very fact that SRA comes area unit complicated, time overwhelming endeavors wherever lots of slum dwellers get raw deals is all airbrushed.

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