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Aaruthra could be a revenge flick, that has ample emotions, a quite adequate preaching, extraordinary action, partly-convincing valor, and a message.

Director: Pa. Vijay
Stars: Bhagyaraj, S.A. Chandrashekhar, Y.G. Mahendran

A series of horrific murders happen in numerous components of the country – all dead in a weird and similar manner. The procedure behind the murders reminds the USA of the means assassinations were dispensed in Anniyan.

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If the chapters in Garudapuranam were the inspiration behind Vikram’s character in Shankar’s film, where the protagonist, Shiva, unapologetically executes killings as a proud lover of Lord Shiva. Avudaiappan, a non-public detective, develops suspicion over Shiva, UN agency lives along with his family in Madras. once the latter is nearly caught guilty, he comes up with the explanation why he’s into killing folks.

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The film, that has AN unimpressive half, makes up for it to AN extent within the half once Shiva narrates his story – the flashback portion that has the story of his pretty family, as well as a father, mother and a sister, was fascinating to look at. The emotions and relationships between the characters were partaking enough. The means his sister is savagely killed and the way he chooses the revenge path was additionally okayish.

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The messages convey within the film, light the fearsome kid abuses, appearance smart on paper, however, the execution falls flat. The CG scenes are terrible, and some women running around in weensy attires for no reason within the half looked artificial and were annoying enough to check one’s patience. tho’ it’s not convincing to envision Pa Vijay bashing heroes left, right and center,

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