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Two talented landscape artists become romantically entangled while building a garden in King Louis XIV s palace at Versailles .

The glossy growl and insinuating gaze of land actor Alan Rickman build him a primary candidate to play a jaded leader aware of each dirty secret at intervals his compass, whether or not political or sexual. And in “A very little Chaos,” which Mr. Rickman directed, he portrays Louis XIV, the French king of kings, swing the finishing touches on Versailles, the royal country house outside Paris wherever he stirred his court, the higher to exert management. The year is 1682.


Director: Alan Rickman

Stars: Kate WinsletAlan RickmanStanley Tucci

Mr. Rickman has found within the Louis the Great a personality warrant his masterful,Yehhai Full Movie High Quality DownloadA Little Chaos Movie Download. reptilian personal magnetism. With a knowing gaze, raised hair and narrowed eyes, he surveys his courtiers as they bow and scrape and jockey for royal favor. A hotbed of scheming vipers, Versailles is admittedly a gilded jail for the titled upper class WHO don’t have anything higher to try to to than gossip, kick and hump. You imagine that sooner or later, below Louis’s watchful eye, everybody can have slept with everybody else.

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