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As the world prepares to survive a world astronomical event triggering myths and superstitious notion, prince consort Lewis, associate degree astronomer, finds that his personal life is vulnerable by powers on the far side his comprehension. can he be able to save his son Adam before it’s too late?

Director: Jenuse Mohammed
Writer: Jenuse Mohammed
Stars: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Wamiqa Gabbi, Alok

Arguably the primary fantasy in South Dravidian, 9 is additionally psychological suspense heroic tale. With this film, Janus Mohamed stretches and tests the boundaries of either of those genres. And it’s safe to mention that he’s mostly self-made.

9: Nine
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The story is of the 9 days throughout that a red extraterrestrial object passes over Earth, leading to the whole humanity losing electricity. But soon, supernatural powers area unit at play and threaten to destroy Adam. 9 is that the story of Adam’s father prince consort Lewis’ struggle to save lots of him.

9: Nine Full Movie High Quality Download

Nine features a powerful story to sell. One with a scientific overlay and nevertheless a mystical weave and so a psychological spin altogether of it. whether or not Janus Muhammad sells his story is for every viewer to come to a decision.

9: Nine Full HD Download

However he positively makes a compelling case, and a daring try at it. The film features a sound technical backing and it shows.

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