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It’s a film that will the horror genre proud. It’s original and in spite of being a horror film, 3 AM Full Movie HD Quality Free Download In 720P, ┬áthere’s not even one creaky door within the length and breadth of the film.

Yes, parts of the film are clumsy and embarrassing, especially the method the kids at the introduction are shown to speak. Why should all the nineteen-year-olds speak with “dudes” and “bros” thrown in like noodles during a chicken dish?

Serves no purpose.

Fortunately, 3 A.M. does not trust too several external props to wean North American country in its favor. It stays faithful the horror genre while not buckling under the pressure of perpetrating terror. The frights flow naturally.



Director: Vishal Mahadkar
Writers: Vishal Mahadkar (story), Vishal Mahadkar
Stars: Salil Acharya, Kavin Dave, Anindita Nayar

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I was especially fascinated by one sequence within the starting wherever Rannvijay, enjoying a tv software system maker, wakes up in the middle of the night to ascertain his girlfriend (Anindita) crying next to him. many minutes later he gets a decision oral communication she’s dead.

Scary? Yes, quite a bit. within the film, the director keeps the goings-on for the most part jumpy and creepy, tho’ the one-setting surroundings will get tedious now and then there’s perpetually one thing happening on screen to stay North American country from break.


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The film creates the associate aura of foreboding while not resorting to the cliche?s of the horror genre. The plot a couple of chap’s sadness and his fierce encounter with the after-life is principally restricted to a run-down (read: haunted) mill. that is wherever the narrative lives and breathes to its last. The camera circles the desolation spookily. bother starts once the director conspires to require the plot out of its naturally chilling environs.

There is a especially intrusive Goan episode pumped-up into the plot at a time once the ghouls get entering into a giant method.

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