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In the opening episode of Andrej Lupin’s feature “Show Me,” Jay Smooth was seen only in a brief cameo role, steering his boat along a Dutch canal. In part two he takes center stage as he navigates the waterways to show his pretty co-star Arteya the sights of the wonderful city. They chat and laugh, exchanging friendly hugs and kisses. When next we see them, they are in a cosy bedroom, stripped to their underwear and enjoying a tender caress. Jay removes Arteya’s bra to reveal her beautiful breasts, nuzzling her neck and sucking her nipples before he kisses his way down to her pussy. He tongues her pink folds until they open like a flower, then moves on top of her and slides his hard cock inside. Arteya gazes into his eyes as his pace quickens, arching her back against his thrusts. Suddenly taking control, Arteya flips Jay onto his back and straddles him, her breasts bouncing delightfully as she rides his cock. They kiss hungrily, Arteya’s hips rocking, then move through doggy into spoons as their mutual orgasm approaches. Arteya is first to climax as Jay powers into her, the pleasure prolonged by her own fingers on her clitoris as he cums deep inside her. The relationship between the two, and the chronology of the episodes is deliberately left ambiguous; is part two a sequel or an alternative reality to the first episode? Does Arteya’s look at the mirror suggest she is entering a fantasy world? You decide… what is abundantly clear is that “Show Me” is a celebration of the intimate sexual connection between two vibrantly physical partners.

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: N/A
Genres: Adult
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: Dec 6, 2015
Director: Andrej Lupin
Stars: Arteya & Jay Smooth

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    Super sexy movie

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    Super movie

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